GCSS can offer to provide a storage facility for customers to store items, preferably short term (under 6 months). Any such provision of storage facilities will be charged as follows –

$25 (including GST) administration fee up front

$25 (including GST) per item per month

The first 3 months storage fees are to be paid in advance, regardless of how long the item stays in storage. If invoices are overdue by 90 days or more, the stored items will be sold to recover the amount owing to GCSS and you forfeit your title in those goods.

Interstate brokerage – Storage fees will incur at $25 per month per gun – minimum of 3 months in advance – if your firearm is not collected from our storage within 14 days when received from Interstate Dealers, we will contact you via email to send you the storage agreement as soon as we receive the firearm so you are aware of your payment and collection obligations. We are required to have your name, contact phone number and email address as a minimum from the sending dealer to enable us to reach you within a reasonable timeframe. We will call you from a landline a few times and if unsuccessful, we will attempt to email you from our email address 

At our discretion, we allow item/s to be stored for 14 days no charge awaiting paperwork. We will take into account delays in processing PTAs and paperwork alighning with WLB timeliness.

Our ‘Storage of Firearms’ form is here which shows our requirements